Slug Control


This month we promise to leave no stone unturned as we go on the warpath for every gardener’s nemesis – slugs.

There are no less than 36 species of slug in the UK. That’s according to ‘Slugs of Britain and Ireland’, a book by the Field Studies Council whose title must surely be a contender for the coveted annual award for the oddest and most obscure book title, which this year includes entries such as ‘Paper Folding with Children’ and ‘Soviet Bus Stops’. We kid you not!

Anyway, back to slugs…

Thanks to an unusually wet and mild winter across much of the UK it is widely anticipated that slugs numbers will pose a real problem for gardeners this year. Slugs remain active throughout the year, but with the onset of warmer weather and proliferation of new planting their presence becomes more noticeable.

Like most forms of pest control every seasoned gardener has a favoured solution, and at Brundall Home Hardware we stock a range of deterrents including self adhesive copper tape for putting around pots and patio containers that gives slugs an unpleasant electric shock sensation if they try and cross it. We also have slug traps – plastic containers that are set into the ground and filled with beer. Slugs (and snails) are attracted to the beer, fall in and come to an untimely – though presumably happy end. However, many of us simply wage war on these slimy pests by reaching for the slug pellets and scattering them all around our vulnerable plants and seedlings.

That’s why at Brundall Home Hardware we are happy to recommend a variety of non-toxic Slug Killers, whose non-hazardous ferric (iron) phosphate bait granules are safe for wildlife, domestic pets and children.

Iron and phosphate both occur naturally in soil and are essential to plant nutrition. But when ingested by slugs and snails they stop eating and eventually die, but not before they crawl into the ground or a secluded location, meaning there are no unsightly corpses to clear away. These bait granules are not adding anything to the soil that isn’t already present, and the low toxicity of iron and phosphate will not contaminate groundwater, thus making it safe for fish, aquatic insects and algae. Airborne insects such as bees are similarly unaffected since the granules are applied directly to the soil.

For organic gardeners these non-toxic options are an ideal means of pest control without compromising the integrity of fruit and vegetable crops or using biological controls such as nematodes, whose effectiveness can be temperature and weather dependent.

Copper barrier tape and slug traps are just part of a huge range of gardening products available at Brundall Home Hardware. So come and pay us a visit, chat to one of our friendly green-fingered staff and get your garden pest-free and ready for summer.

Then kick back and relax with your very own copy of ‘Soviet Bus Stops’!DSC_0484


‘Stuff’ is all the things we acquire as we go through life and simply cannot bear to be parted from. And a glance into many of our wardrobes, cupboards and closets suggest that a lot of the ‘stuff’ we own is made up of clothing.

As clothes have become more affordable, and the trends set by celebrities, glossy magazines and all manner of on-line and high street retailers increasingly influence our fashion spending habits, so the issue of how to store all the clothes we buy quite literally takes on a new dimension.

Fortunately, these days it seems we have only two seasons to dress for. Cold and wet or warm and wet! As we approach the latter period, maybe punctuated by a couple of weeks somewhere much warmer and dryer, it makes sense to put the ‘cold and wet’ season garments into storage – at least for a few months!

But, by definition these tend to be quite bulky. So unless you’re the proud owner of a walk-in wardrobe or two, you might want to look at some altogether more affordable solutions.

Luckily, here at Brundall Home Hardwarewe stock a range of vacuum storage bags from homeware specialist H&L Russel. Made from durable nylon they are one of the strongest bags of their type, come with a five-year guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials, and are perfect for storing clothes as well as all manner of household linen and bedding.

The bags are available in various sizes, each with a wide opening and zipper slider to ensure airtight closure. All are fitted with a simple valve mechanism that attached to the hose of most popular makes of vacuum cleaner. As the air is extracted the initial volume of the bag and its contents can be compressed by as much as two thirds, while simultaneously creating an environment that protects the contents from damp, dust and mites. The resulting space saving can be quite significant, freeing up valuable shelves and hanging rails.

Vacuum bags are also a great solution for protecting garments made from natural fibres, especially wool, from attack by moths or, to be more precise, the moth larvae. But it’s essential to wash or dry clean clothing of this kind to eliminate the presence of eggs or larvae before storing them away.

For bulky and irregular shaped accessory items such as shoes, bags and belts, plastic storage boxes are ideal, since they come in a huge range of shapes and sizes that can fit easily into many of the under-utilised storage places we already have in our homes, such as under beds, on top of wardrobes and under stairs, as well as attic and even garage space. Most come with tight fitting lids to protect the contents from dust and dirt. Here at Brundall Home Hardware you are sure to find a ready-made storage solution for every location and purpose.

Even those of us with a pragmatic approach to fashion, and who routinely donate last season’s clothes to charity or our local recycling centre, have a few favourite and timeless items we wear year after year. For these, and items of sentimental and practical value, the range of bags and boxes at Brundall Home Hardware provide the ideal storage solutions.Layout 1

So come and see for yourself and talk to our friendly helpful people, who really know their stuff when it comes to storage!


The Gift of Christmas

It’s the time of year when we once again start getting ready for annual Christmas event on the 19 December between 11am and 3pm.


This year it’s a little bit special as this is our 10th event!

This is a free event – yes all attractions are free of charge including the raffle and refreshments. However, please do feel free to make donations to support the work of the Vidiyal Trust (helping the street children in India).

So what’s on offer this year?

A visit to Father Christmas and a chance to stroke his real reindeer. Why not get your face painted by Debs Snowling or enjoy some light refreshments service by members of St Laurence Church?

Oh and I nearly forgot – two very special attractions this year. We have been supported by Creative Arts East and will be joined by two Rockin’ Robins. Very seasonal. Also 2nd Brundall Scouts will be on hand with their renditions of some seasonal carols.

So all in all the potential for some seasonal fun just before Christmas.

Special thanks to the Acle and Brundall Lions for their support of this event for the past 10 years. Well done Jim.

So why the Gift of Christmas? Alison and I feel that the real Christmas message gets lost in the hustle and bustle of all the preparations. Many people no longer stop to reflect on why Christmas takes place. This is the celebration of the birth of Jesus who many people believe was the living God here amongst us.

The Christmas story is about the love of God and the fact that he gave us Jesus to be our saviour. The Gift of Christmas is a free event to signify that the gift of Jesus was given to us freely by God. We also like to share this gift with the disadvantaged children in India. This is why every penny donated on the day will be sent to help those in India supported by the Vidiyal Trust.

So please do come along and enjoy the day. But perhaps whilst you are here you may just have time to reflect on what Christmas really means.







The Case for LED Bulbs

Ok. Led bulbs are here to stay and we now find ourselves talking to more and more customers about these new lighting solutions. In my opinion they are the best lighting technology we have seen for many years.

We are particularly pleased with the range of bulbs that we are selling from NGPS. These bulbs are leading the way in new technology and are some of the most powerful bulbs on the market. The really good news is that they are one of the few suppliers who will offer a three year guarantee. So what’s stopping you buying them?

Many customers are concerned about the initial cost of purchasing these light bulbs. They do appear expensive but I have decided to do a few sums and I now realise that they really offer some fantastic long term savings.

My sums are basic but I hope that the following illustration helps set out the cost saving benefits.

The calculations are based on N Powers Standard Tariff of 12.63p per KWH as at 18 November 2015. I have assumed that each bulb is used for 5 hours per day.

  Traditional 100w Light Bulb 12z LED Bulb
Cost per hour 1.6p 0.2p
Cost per 5 day 8p 1.6p
Cost per month £2.40 30p
Cost after 7 months £16.80 £3.90
Cost of bulb £1.00 £12.00
Overall cost after 7 months £17.80 £15.90


Cost after 3 years £87.40 £22.80
Saving   £64.60

 Using these illustrations a traditional 100w light bulbs will cost £2.40 to run per month. This is compared to 30p for a new style LED bulb. A 12w bulb provides the same amount of light as a traditional 100w bulb.

Taking into account the cost of the new bulb it can be seen that the breakeven point is just 6-7 months. Expanding this over the three years that the bulb is guaranteed and the overall saving in electricity could amount to £64.60.

We have been installing these new bulbs at home and we have seen a reduction in our electricity bill. The really best bit is that these new higher powered LED bulbs provide a much better light that the florescent low energy bulbs we have been using these past 10-15 years. What’s more LED bulbs come on instantly. So now more standing around hoping that you may be able to see your way around your home!

If you wish to know more about these bulbs, see them in action, or speak to a member of staff – please do call in store where we will be pleased to assist.

On your doorstep

We’ve lived in Norfolk for 11 years and from time to time we have had the pleasure of getting out on the water on the North Norfolk Broads. However, I have not experienced the southern broads for 30 plus years. It seemed such a shame as the river in Brundall forms an important part of our business. Time to do something about it!


Over the half term we hired a boat for a few days from Silverline Marine. We’ve known Colin and Lesley for many years. What we did not know was just how fantastic their fleet of hire boats are.

We hired  Silver Simoom, a five berth cruiser with two shower rooms, galley and all the modern comforts you could want on a boating holiday. The boat was immaculate. Not a speck of dirt to be found inside or out and the level of fitting and finish was first class! The weather was reasonably kind to us so a good chance to slide the electrically operated canopy back and enjoy the Autumn sunshine.

On Colin and Lesley’s recommendation we spent our first night on the River Chet and Chedgrave Common. A remote spot but within walking distance of the village. Enthralled by the three owls which entertained us both at dusk and sunrise.

The following day we enjoyed a trip to Berney Arms. This felt really wild as the afternoon sun clipped the river and surrounding fauna. Sandpipers and Egrets were to be seen. Really stunning scenery and all just on your doorstep.



The next day took us down to Beccles. A stop at the Waverney Tavern at Burgh St Peter for lunch. Highly recommended.

We arrived at Beccles mid afternoon and decided we would prefer a slightly more remote mooring. So we moved back up river to a North Cove. An incredible sunset. We took a walk and then just watched the sun setting from the back of the boat. A perfect end to a wonderful day in Norfolk.



A days motoring back to the Brundall area on Thursday with an overnight mooring on the river approaching Rockland St Mary. Intrigued by the Sugar Factory at Cantley. You think it may spoil the vista but it makes a striking landmark and helps to remind you of the years of commercial history on our Norfolk waterways.

Also taken with Reedham. A perfect place to top up with water but also an attractive waterside village. Great to see the swing railway bridge in action.

I know that many will already know the delights of this stretch of water. However, if you are not that familiar I would encourage you to explore the beauty of our local surroundings. Many of the areas I have mentioned are accessible by road, footpaths and river.

Fancy a holiday on the water. Silverline Marine gets our vote!!!  Thank you Colin and Lesley.


Have yourself a crafty little Christmas

Perhaps at Christmas, more than any other time of the year, handmade cards and gifts evoke a sense of tradition, and timeless handicraft skills can be used in so many ways to add to the occasion.

And it doesn’t have to end there. Homemade indoor and outdoor decorations, table centres, gift boxes, wrapping papers and even simple trinkets and toys can all be created or packaged from everyday items and raw materials, a few basic tools and accessories – and a generous sprinkling of imagination.

christmas craft wreath

But what if you’re no Kirstie Allsop or Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen?

Don’t despair because the internet is full of inspirational and clever ideas. Sites such as Pinterest, that describes itself as a “catalogue of ideas” rather than a social networking site is a great starting point. Search some more and you’ll discover websites from all over the world dedicated to seasonal handicrafts as well how to make and makeover items to individualise and transform your home.

Of course, Brundall Home Hardware is another source of inspiration, and certainly a one-stop shop for many of your basic handicraft requirements. Here you’ll find a range of glues and adhesive tapes for bonding pretty much anything to anything, together with tacks, nails, screws, twine, cord and wire, and a huge selection of paints, PVA and varnishes.

If your arsenal of tools is a bit depleted we also stock essentials such as knives, scissors, glue guns, pliers, hammers and more. In fact, however simple or ambitious your project is set to become we can help you accomplish it, along with all the free advice and assistance you could possibly need to get you started.

Whether you favour a traditional or contemporary seasonal theme, or want to create something unique for a special occasion, paint is often the one medium that helps achieve just the look you want. There are so many specialist finishes, such as shabby chic chalk paints, traditional colour palettes and vibrant modern hues, that what begins as a simple craft project may well inspire an entire room makeover!

We all have a creative streak waiting to be unleashed. Begin the search for yours by visiting Brundall Home Hardwareand make this Christmas extra special.

Glow your Number

Brundall First Responders have recently contacted us about a very real and serious issue facing them and the emergency services in general. How to identify properties when called to an emergency situation.

Brundall First Responders

Living in a rural area with many side roads, house names and overgrown hedges the     emergency services have a real challenge on their hands. A problem which may just cost you your life.

The following is an extract from a letter to me from Brundall First Responders. It made me think and I wanted to share this with you.

‘I hope they get here soon’. The person you’ve known for so long can hardly breathe and all you want is someone to walk through the door and tell you everything will be alright.

You look at them, they look pale and tired, and their eyes keep closing, ‘please hurry up’ your mind races, time is slipping by and it seems ages since you first called 999. You can’t believe this is happening to you…

I’d got the call, I was there. I looked about; the moon was mostly covered by cloud tonight. I drove slowly along the street, aarrgghh if only it wasn’t pitch black, I might be able to find the house! It was no good, I was going to have to park up and walk.

I walked the length of one side of the street, no sign. I started   worrying, I started thinking that in one of these houses someone’s life could be hanging in the   balance. Hard work walking up and down carrying a torch and all my medical equipment. I gave up, I called control and asked for directions, they said it was ‘somewhere in the middle’ great, so I was down to a choice of 50 houses. Precious minutes have passed…

This story is not real, although it is made up of several real incidents where one of the biggest issues facing emergency services is houses with no visible signs of identification.

Local Community First Responders will be sent to any potentially life threatening situation, and in the case of sudden cardiac arrest early use of a defibrillator can improve a person’s chance of survival considerably – 40% to 90% when used in the first 1 to 4 minutes. You have a 20% chance of survival up to 8 minutes when treated with a defibrillator compared to basic CPR alone. Nearly three quarters of cases of sudden cardiac arrest occur outside the hospital setting and   survivors of it have a good prognosis.

So join our Glow your Number! campaign and be seen.

How to make your property more visible?

(1) Make sure you have a house number or name clearly visible from both directions of travel.

Many properties only have one number on the side of a driveway. These cannot always be seen from the road at night.

(2) Make sure that your number is not overgrown.

Hedges and shrubs can grow quickly and your house number may not be seen.

(3) Can your number be seen at night?

In areas without street lighting this can be a real problem. A light by your house number can make all the difference. This does not have to be a complicated solution as solar technology has progressed over the past few years and a number of products will provide a good light even through a British Winter.

Want to know more about our potential solutions then please see below.

Install a brand new house name plate or number with our special offer.

For the past 9 years we have been working with the House Name Plate company to supply attractive house names and numbers.

This company offers high quality signs and numbers to clearly identify your property. Made from a variety of materials including, slate, aluminum, ceramics and plastic, these products are both durable and attractive.

The House Name Plate company have offered us a special promotion of a 20% discount on their standard catalogue price until the end of October 2015.

This means that you have an exclusive offer to ensure that your property is clearly identified.

If you would like to know more simply call in store where we will be able to provide you with a catalogue of the products available. We also have a display of the popular products available so that you can examine the quality.

Get Pruning

Overgrown hedges and plants climbing over the front of properties can cause a problem for the emergency services. They may simply not be able to see your property name or number.

This is a really common problem where the house name or number is displayed on a fence near the road. These areas frequently have hedging which can quickly cover the number.

The solution is simple. Make sure that you cut back any overgrown hedges or plants.

To help you along your way we have a small selection of Draper Secateurs at a special reduced price. In fact we are offering 50% off for readers of the special edition newsletter. So instead of our normal price of £4.99 you can purchase these for just £2.50.

We do have limited stock at this price so if you do wish to take advantage of this offer please call in store today and ask a member of staff. These secateurs will not be on general sale at this price!

For heavier pruning tasks we hold a good range of loppers, pruning saws, bow saws etc. For the really serious job hand axes and felling axes can be purchased.

Light that number up!

So you’re a member of the emergency services trying to find a house at night. The house may have a house name or number clearly visible during the day but not so visible at night.

Running electric cable to lights to illuminate a sign or number may be a problem. Not now!

In stock we have a solar  powered light ideal for the job.

Place the light over the house name or number and attach it to the included solar panel. This will provide enough  energy to illuminate your sign. Designed to work during a typical British Winter.

This light is motion activated so when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches your property enough light will be generated to highlight your house name or number. Simple!

We have a number of lighting solutions in store, not just solar, including a range of low energy LED light bulbs. These are ideal for external lighting as they can be left on all night with very little cost.

If you are unsure what type of LED bulb to purchase, bring in an existing bulb and we will be pleased to provide the necessary advice.

With a little bit of forethought and planning it is possible to really ensure that your property can be identified – particularly in an emergency situation. At Brundall Home Hardware we have been delighted to support our local First Responders and compile a series of special offers for our customers.





Yankee Candle

Both Alison and I have been getting excited about the new Yankee Candle product range.

As I have said before we delight in finding new products for the store. Our enthusiasm for this has resulted in a shop full of varied stock lines. However, for us one of the most exciting new lines has to be Yankee Candle.
We have enjoyed these highly scented and long lasting candles at home for many years and it was just a chance conversation that led us to becoming stockists.

We wanted to install a new giftware product range as trends are moving towards more practical giftware ideas. Yankee Candles makes a perfect gift as they come in a wide range of scents and price points so there is something for everyone.

They are also a perfect solution for a little bit of personal self indulgence. Many people buy these candles for a little bit of luxury in their own homes. In fact since we announced that we would be stocking this product range we have had numerous conversations with customers who have said that they really like Yankee Candle and that they will be pleased to be able to buy them here in Brundall.

Not only do Yankee Candle supply a range of candles they have also developed a range of car air fresheners. These are also now in store.

With a special 3 for 2 price on the car air fresheners customers will have the chance to try a number of different fragrances.

If you’ve never thought about buying Yankee Candle before please feel free to call in and just have a “sniff” at our new stock.

What’s so special about Yankee Candle?

Yankee Candles are slow burning, they burn right to the bottom of their jar and the scent that is given off is as strong at the end of the candle as it is when your first light it. There is no wax waste as you burn.
A large jar will last up to three months when burnt for 3-4 hours per day.

Don’t just take our word for how good this product is. One of our customers Tracy Ann Sabberton had this to say: – Brilliant news about the launch of Yankee Candle in your store I have been buying Yankee Candle for 20 years (when they first launched in America) and its the best Jar Candle in the market by far I have purchased cheaper versions and they have ended in the bin – Yankee candle have the best fragrances, longer lasting, wick and the jars are great for storing trinkets ( when empty) Good to hear our local store is a Yankee Candle stockist I look forward to seeing your range – please keep me updated !
So go on give Yankee Candle a try today.

Safe ways to treat slug problems


Recently we have had some enquiries about products to treat slugs which are not harmful to wildlife. In particular there is some concern about chemically treating slugs and the potential harm that this might do to hedgehogs.

The good news is that at Brundall Home Hardware we do carry a range of solutions which all work in slightly different ways and will help treat your slug problem without necessarily harming wildlife.

Let me explain more.

Remember the good old fashioned beer traps. Well you can now buy the modern alternative. £4.99 buys you two baited traps which will each cover an area up to 60 square metres. Simply part bury the trap at ground level, insert the natural bait and add 4cm of water. The slugs drop in and you just need to empty every so often. An ideal product for use in a vegetable garden.

Slug Gone is a new product on the market. A 1L bag for £3.49 buys you a packet of wool pellets. Yes that’s right wool pellets. These are placed around your treasured plants and provide a natural barrier. These are Soil Association approved, are suitable for organic gardening and are safe for children and pets. As they break down they provide slow release nutrients for your garden plants.

We also carry two types of tradition style slug pellets. These products tend to cause more concern for people who understandably wish to use products suitable for use around pets and wildlife.

At Brundall Home Hardware we like to stock products responsibly. Therefore, we will always encourage our customers to use licensed products as per the manufacturers directions. Failure to do so may cause harm.

Let me explain more about the two products we stock.

The first is a called Advanced Slug Killer from Growing Success. This carries a statement on the front of the container which states “Use as directed to protect children and pets”. This product also conforms to Annex IIa of EEC 2092/91 which means that the product is suitable for organic farming.

So how does the product work?

The active ingredient is 10g/kg of Ferric Phosphate.

William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd, the manufacturers of the product state, “The active ingredient is Ferric Phosphate – this is Iron – wrapped around a cereal or bran pellet. Iron phosphate is practically non toxic to birds however slugs cannot digest Iron and for this reason they stop consuming (your plants) and return to their safety where they pass away thus leaving no unsightly slime secretions and no corpses for birds/hedgehogs to pick up”.

“The Ferric Phosphate used in pellets is an Organic food grade vitamin. It’s the same class that’s found in many vitamin tablets though at a lower concentration…… Iron phosphate is a stomach poison in slugs and snails. It damages their digestive tissue. With enough exposure, they stop eating altogether and slowly die. The exact mode of action is not clearly understood.”

So this product is designed to be safe for use around the garden and for use in organic gardening. As always we would strongly recommend our customers to follow the manufacturers guidelines when using this product to ensure that the product works in the way that it is intended.

We also carry a product called Slug Killer from Doff. This is a product that is widely used in farming to control pests and when not used correctly could cause harm to wildlife and pets. The active ingredient is 1.5% metaldehyde. We would never recommend this to product to customers who have frequent animal visitors to their gardens.

We contacted Doff about this product and we were provided with a statement which included the following text:

“Doff sales and marketing director John Hancock adds: “Metaldehyde-based slug pellets are designed to target slugs and snails specifically.  What’s more, not only is the proportion of metaldehyde used very small, but the pellets are deliberately made unattractive to all non-target species using elements such as colour – blue being unattractive to birds – and bittering agents and animal repellents to deter animals.” Used properly, Slug pellets are safe in the garden”.

A further concern that birds or wildlife could be harmed by eating pellet-affected slugs appears to be equally unfounded.  Lonza (the manufacturer of Metaldehyde) points out that birds will not generally eat dead slugs, and furthermore highlights an investigation that found that hedgehogs could eat up to 200 slugs that had eaten pellets, in one night, with no ill effects”.

We also spoke to a customer services representative who explained that in recent years Doff had halved the amount of Metaldehyde in the product. It still works but is now even less likely to present a problem. According to Doff Metaldehyde will break down over a period of a few weeks to its main components – carbon dioxide and water. No harmful residue is left in the soil.

Doff also confirmed that if asked about any concerns on their Slug Killer product and its use in a garden frequented by pets and wildlife, such as hedgehogs, they would inform customers that alternative products such as Ferric Phosphate are available.

Doff also stressed that it is essential that the product is used as directed. They should be scattered 6-8 inches apart with 65 pellets per square metre. Failure to follow these instructions will leave a greater concentration of pellets which could result in a harmful impact. Doff also state, “ Do not leave in heaps on the soil; they can be fatal to pets if eaten in quantity”.

So which is the best product to use?

We like to think that we carry a range of products suitable for most gardeners and their environmental sensitivities. So if you wish to garden with the use of no chemicals the natural products such as Slug Traps and Slug Gone are the products for you.

If you wish to use a Slug Killer we would in the first instance recommend Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer at £3.75 for a 250g container. When used as directed this product is suitable for use around, children and pets. It is also approved for use in organic gardening.

In the interests of customer choice we do stock the licensed Doff Slug Killer. £3.99 for 1KG.

We would not recommend this product for use in a garden where pets and children can be found – preferring to recommend the Growing Success product. However, where customers insist on a product which uses a stronger formula the Doff product is available. We are satisfied that this is a product approved by DEFRA and when used in accordance with the manufactures instructions should not prove a problem to wildlife. However, customers must take responsibility for using the product correctly.

As a footnote. At home we enjoy a nightly visit from at least 1 hedgehog. It delights in a supper of Spikes Dinner. (On sale at Brundall Home Hardware). Once it has finished its bowl of food it can then be heard snuffling round the garden searching out a dessert. We have very few slugs or snails in the garden so hopefully this nightly visit of a hedgehog means that natural pest control is occurring. (An interesting fact is that hedgehogs will only eat slugs when there is not much else around. Only 5% of their diet would be slugs, with hedgehogs preferring things such as caterpillars. Slugs can carry Lungworm which can be fatal to hedgehogs).

To encourage hedgehogs simply ensure that there are  points around the edge of your garden where hedgehogs can gain access. We have a garden which is completely surrounded by fencing. Not very hedgehog friendly except of the 6 inch gap under the garden gates. Perfect for hedgehogs of all sizes.

We would be delighted to share the details of the investigation we carried out into various slug prevention methods with our customers. As always we will offer the most relevant advice for all of our customers.

Further information can be found by contacting the manufactures of various products and by searching for hedgehog welfare on the internet.

We are frequently read industry articles relating to the DIY and gardening sectors. These include updates on legislation relating to the products that we stock. We are also appraised of product legislation through our supply chain. If at any time we become aware of need to remove a product from sale, due to regulations, generally accepted scientific research or industry practice, we will act immediately.


Quality at Brundall Home Hardware

Over the past few months we have noticed an increasing trend towards customers purchasing quality dog foods for their pets.

Many pet owners now realise the many benefits that feeding a better type of food brings, glossy coats, improved digestion, less wind, and fewer skin irritations etc. All of these things and more mean less trips to the vets.

So what do we mean by quality foods?

Quality foods are those which typically use human grade raw ingredients. They also tend to have a higher meat content and do not contain cheap bulk materials to make the food go further. In fact when you feed a quality food you do not need to give your pet so much of it as the food is not bulked out with cheap cereals. This means less going in and less coming out – another good news story!

At Brundall Home Hardware we have been stocking products such as Burns Pet Nutrition for many years. This product range is now used by many customers who appreciate the value that this food provides. Burns is an holistic food made using hypoallergenic ingredients. Specifically developed by a vet names John Burns.

We are delighted to be able to provide added value on this range by offering a loyalty scheme. This means that for every 7 bags (all of the same size) that you buy you will be given the eighth bag free of charge.

We have also stocked products from James Wellbeloved and Lovejoys for many years.

Recently we have added to our range by introducing a product called “Barking Heads”. This is another quality food which is designed to improve your pets wellbeing.

The product range includes a number of different product to feed puppies, adult dogs and those with fussy tummies. The feed contains a minimum 50% human grade meat products with addition goodness coming from fish oils such as trout. Slow release carbohydrates are provided in the form of high quality brown rice, potato or oats.


Barking Heads provide a 100% money back guarantee. If your pet does not like the food Barking Heads will refund your money. So there is no risk from trying this product range and discovering for yourself the health benefits that can be derived.

Over the past few months we have also removed many tins of dog food and replaced these with trays of wet food from companies such as Forthglade, Burns, Lovejoys and Natures menu. This product range provides customers with the choice of different food types which also helps add some variety to your pets diet. Again all high quality products.

Cheaper dog treats have also been declining in sales. Many customers are now delighting in feeding their pets natural treats based on pure dried meat. A product range from Veni Dog is particularly popular as this is based on pure venison.

So over time Brundall Home Hardware has naturally become a supplier of premium pet foods. We do still carry some of the traditional products that you would expect to find in a pet store – so please do ask if you do not always readily see these on display.

We also have a number of experienced dog owners amongst our staff, including a specialist dog trainer. This mean that you can always call in store where we will be pleased to give you the necessary advice on feeding your pet.